Why have horses with us

In our Yard, our main motive is to focus on the fitness and health of the horses in our care. We believe that in order for horses to reach their potential, they need to be in the right physical as well as mental condition. To maximize the development of their genetic potential for speed or endurance, we use intuition as well as the latest technology and tools, including measuring the horse’s performance and movement while training the horse.

Round pen

For fitness training we use a round pen, a rectangular riding arena with a sand surface and geotextile fabric of 60 by 30 metres. The arenas allow all horses to warm up and allow us to start training horses in a very safe and controlled environment.

Spacious Horse Walker for 6 horses with rubber floor

Spacious Horse Walker for 6 horses with rubber floor.

Starting gates

Starting stalls

As part of their preparation for racing, all our horses are regularly trained from starting stalls.

Horse feeds

Horse feeds: We use comprehensive feeds from Connolly's RED MILLS, a world market leader with over 100 years of tradition. This feed is our guarantee of quality and highly digestible nutrition for our horses.

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Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements

We use supplements, such as electrolytes, joint and hoof nutrition products, from the Irish manufacturer FORAN EQUINE. FORAN EQUINE supplements are S.A.F.E. checked to meet strict anti-doping regulations.

Training tracks

Training tracks

  Length Width
Polytrack 2 200 m 4 m
Sand track 1 910 m 3 m
Turf track 2 010 m 16 m

Transport to races

Our own Renault Filovan horsebox allows us to transport one or two horses (even a stallion and a mare) with a high level of security. With adjustable high bulkheads, ventilation and air suspension, the truck handles all our transport requirements with an emphasis on the comfort and safety of the horse.

Racecourse in Chuchle

One of the most famous racecourses in the Czech Republic is located on the left bank of the Vltava river, on the southern outskirts of Prague. Every year, from April to mid-November, galloping and trotting races and other disciplines of horse sports are held here.


Our team

We strive to ensure that owners receive the maximum reward for the time and investment they have put into their horse. Without our key staff, this would not be possible.

Why Be a Racehorse Owner?

If you love racing, whether from watching TV or going to the races, there is no better way to enjoy the thrill of horse ownership than to own a racehorse.